Unpopular opinion: Gizmo rotation (rotating around any X, Y, Z dimensions instead of just Y) should be added to the base game

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People were so excited to see the new upside down triangle build piece. Its just the old triangle piece rotated upside down. Now they are asking for more rotations for the new dark wood beams. Which would each be a separate object in the build menu. There is no need for the same object to be repeated many times as different rotations in the build menu.

Gizmo rotation is usually the first mod people download. It expands your build options tenfold. Adding it to base game would cause of new wave of creativity.

Perhaps its slightly less user friendly. Some people like having more constraints. Well, it could be locked behind an end game item – a black metal hammer. You could choose to never craft that hammer. And new players would not be overwhelmed by the new possibilities since they would have had to first beat the game in order to unlock it. It would also be something that would really motivate players to beat the game. Currently people are quitting before Yagluth. Maybe the new hammer could be a Yagluth drop.

Its not crazy to implement; here it is in 250 lines of code https://github.com/M3TO/GizmoReloaded/blob/main/GizmoReloaded.cs

You can use that mod right now and its compatible with vanilla servers. The game engine already supports free rotation. Its simple to add and gives players a huge amount of new content.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pu548e/unpopular_opinion_gizmo_rotation_rotating_around/

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