Unpopular opinion: Golden Nekker decks aren’t that good

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So yesterday the first meta report for this season was published. And in the lower tiers I was surprised on the amount of GN decks. A weird SY GN swarm deck, ST Indiana Jones whatever, MO GN deck and so on.

But I don't see why this deck should be so great. The only faction which definitely profits from the GN Nova tactics is SK, because the thinning package works perfectly with it, and the compass is absolutely broken in SK with the possible card pool.

But in my honest opinion, I don't see the hyperthin tactic work in other factions. You are limited to 9p cards. Sure, there are great low provision cards, but the best cards are above. All of the decks are running knickers and roach. Sure, they are nice for thinning, but yea, they don't do that much.

Golden Nekker itself feels super clunky in my opinion. Yes, playing 3 cards at once is awesome. But pulling the cards you need in this situation and also having all three card types in deck is not always given. So I saw several opponents playing GN and the point slam in that round was only marginal.

Yea, so we have GN, roach and knickers which are in the higher provision range in those decks which are there for thinning. But what else is left then? Only lower provision cards which are not doing that much.

So as I said, the whole deck works perfectly in SK. But not at all in other factions. I don't understand why those decks are printed in the meta report.

Am I the only one with this opinion? I mean. Instead of a weird SY GN swarm mix, why not running pure Firesworns? Instead of running GN movement mix, why not running movement with Saskia? Those decks look a lot stronger to me…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/u5ixqx/unpopular_opinion_golden_nekker_decks_arent_that/

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