(Unpopular Opinion): Gwent is currently too ‘Deploy’ heavy.

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The amount of instant value gained from just playing most cards (especially golds) is absurd.

The risk/reward factor has deteriorated substantially. In the recent card injections and balance updates there have been some solid changes to mitigate certain cards failure rates (ex. Munro), I think was a solid change. More cards should be tuned to require time on board prior to their effect.

Anna Henrietta is an example of a card with a ludicrous OP deploy. The supposed risk being that you could lose your existing LA, but more than likely you aren’t blindly playing her from your deck (what with NG’s ability to dictate their decks drawing by 95%).
Anna should be an order (at best) and maybe gain Zeal if you control Damien. Likewise Damien could gain Zeal on Deploy if you already control Anna.

Orders are a huge part of the game – they provide one of the key tactical elements to engaging game decisions. The instantaneous benefit of Deploy effects overshadows most card abilities it seems. I expect this playstyle has been adopted due to the overall strength that removal has been granted.

TL:DR – Gwent would feel less oppressive if more cards had their deploy effect changed to some sort of Order/Zeal on deploy requirement. Recent card balances to counter(s) and order have been a positive shift; but the game would benefit from even more being adjusted.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/os0wen/unpopular_opinion_gwent_is_currently_too_deploy/

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