Unpopular opinion: Hunter and mosin need a balance update.

TL;DR : These guns aren't supposed to be high end top tier guns. Yet a large percentage of players above level 30 I fight use them. Why? Well they hit like a truck, are easier to control than most other weapons, and cost less than the whole rest of their kit combined. However these guns should be massively uncomfortable to carry/move and shoot with. We shouldn't be seeing level 40+ players running level 5 armour, with an RR and a hunter with M61. There's something seriously wrong with balancing there.

Hi, I've been playing Tarkov for a few years now, and while I'm usually happy with all the content and updates we have been given, even didn't mind lazer scavs and kobe nades that much, but I've began to notice a trend in the tarkov raids that I am doing, and it's been keeping me unsettled for a while now.

This topic has been very controversial for a while now with the, "don't u nerf ma hunta" group fighting against the "pls burn mosin into ground" group. Many want to see damage changes to these guns, which I don't agree with, but I do however think these guns drastically need to be altered to keep people from exploiting them.

The way I see balancing these weapons is their rarity, durability, ergonomics and recoil.

The mosin should be a scav only gun in decent condition. For a gun that hasn't been in service for 20+ years, every mosin in the game is in better condition than my 2016 car. This begs the question, to make mosins a bit more rusty, corroded and easier to jam. I also think that Fence or jager should be the only trader of Mosins, with a short supply of them to better fit into the game. The mosin should also be harder to handle unless prone, being able to stand and accurately aim at a target 200+ meters away with the mosin irons shouldn't be an easy task, maybe even lessen this with strength gain. The mosin also feels as though it has the recoil of a Saiga-9. Why can I fire it, cock it and re-find my target so quickly?

The Hunter is very similar. Cumbersome with very little padding, yet can fire extremely fast, with little to no recoil. https://youtu.be/t6EYie2i7oQ?t=205 This is a video of someone shooting a hunter irl. The rear sight actually flies up due to the recoil. and he is unable to place multiple shots accurately and quickly This is the kind of reliability these guns should have in game.

Both these guns offer a low risk high reward, which they should be, but with their price, reliability, low recoil and high damage output, they move their desirability from a cheap gun to run, to "why would I run anything else?" and I don't think bsg intended for them to be run by level 40+ players running killa gear and an RR.

Just my opinion, Don't hate me for it hunterlings.

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