Unpopular opinion: I’m having a blast making roubles since the loot changes. It’s easier than ever and by no means boring!

When the event started the highest amount of roubles I ever got was 36 million. I was stuck at around 30-33 for a loooong time, weeks! I peeked at 36, the shoreline scav bosses event came and I dropped down to 30-31 where I sat for a while. Then the loot changes came and now I just hit 50 million roubles!

Now I know that correlation doesn't mean causation I'll grant you that. I have been playing almost exclusively customs and factory since Rashala stopped spawning in shoreline. I've been enjoying the PVP in customs. Yes marked room is pathetic since the changes, I still rush it when I spawn there, I check it out and TBH it barely pays for the key but I do it out of tradition and the possibility that I get something good.

But the reason I'm making so much money now is because first of all I've been hitting stashes, looting scavs, safes etc. I've been finding more streamer items which vendor decently, I also utilize my secure container, I'll buy CMS at low price so I don't feel bad pulling it out of my epsilon to put in something that vendors for high price. The part is I don't feel pressure to loot everything, it just happens that customs is full of loot on your way to the extract so I just check stuff while I'm passing by. Customs also has a crap load of jackets which can make you decent cash with keys.

Lastly there is the PVP. Since now everyone wants to loot things when you kill a PMC they almost always have gathered good stuff that you can sell on the flea. I've been enjoying PvP more than ever because you know everyone is stacked. I'm sure you can make even more money on maps like Woods and shoreline that also have a ton of stashes and other loot spawns but I play customs because I also like the challenge and variety, I enjoy the dorms rush and PvP, if you purely want to farm money maybe customs isn't for you because you will encounter a fair amount of players. My average raid I kill 2-4 PMCs, if pvp isn't your thing go some other map but know that looting PMCs lately has been very profitable.

That's all, I love the changes, I got a steady stream of income now, I didn't think I'd hit 50 million a month ago, being stuck at low 30s for long but there you have it boys. I always thought it was stupid to run into tech stores and come out with 2-3 GPUs, or loot ultra medical because you got there first and walk out with an easy 300k or more if you found a Ledx. That's just me though.

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