Unpopular opinion: Odyssey is semi-playable now

I am running an old i5 2500K @4.3 GHz with 16GB Ram and a 1060 6GB. I last tried Odyssey after the first major update and gave up because, at 1080p with lowest settings, I was almost never getting over 30fps on foot. Populated settlement interiors dropped me down to single digit fps. And lots of catastrophic bugs. Totally unplayable.

I tried again last night and now I'm typically getting above 50fps on foot at medium settings, with an occasional dip to 30fps when first entering a busy settlement. Not ideal at all, but at least semi-playable. And I have not encountered any more bugs in about 8 hours of play.

The consensus in this sub seems to be that on foot missions are still unplayable, which surprises me, since I expect lots of people here would have better hardware and could easily get consistent framerates over 50fps at 1080p.

So do I just have low standards or… ?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pqirhy/unpopular_opinion_odyssey_is_semiplayable_now/

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