Unpopular opinion. The only thing that recent events have proven..

..is that most of the player base is embarrassingly stupid.

Prices of water and aquamari made no sense during the heat wave event. While all the other Hydration sources like Kvass, Juices, Sugar drinks didn't budge a ruble.

This event prices of the keys haven't even moved. 2+2=fish for the most of the players. Nobody noticed that they could put a lower price and get more money (thus the point of the event) due to how sharp the flee market now that base price for these items got lower. But no. We still have the same prices on cards and keys.. it's sad really.

Just like, in general, the selling of some Gunsmith parts for 50-150k for, like, a handle, while the same handle can get bartered at level 2 traders for 14k of items. The fact that bartered bitcoin costs more than the price of the items it's bartered for and stuff like that.

There is one thing not being good at the game, especially, such a hard one as Tarkov. There is whole other thing to not be able to do basic preschool math. The latter is quite embarrassing.

edit: A lot of people here seem to have personal issues of sort. The main point of the post is that there is an event going on from the developer that is remarkably famous for not giving a shit. And this event fell completely flat, due to people being to lazy to pay attention on the prices they get from their flee offers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ozxy74/unpopular_opinion_the_only_thing_that_recent/

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