(Un)popular Opinion: The popularity of NG makes it utterly dreadful to play the game

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

The fact that the recently popularity poll showed that NG was more than twice as popular as other factions made my heart sink. This explained the ubiquitous NG players. No matter win or lose, I don’t enjoy matching against opponents who set out to ruin other people’s games. Not blaming the players. Just the game.

The constant pushing of not letting their opponents play their games by CDPR makes it ever dreadful to even launch the game. I’ve loved card games since young, IRL or online. I can make peace with control decks, but when half of my opponent’s deck aims at not letting me play my game, it frustrates me. I cannot fathom how the philosophy of frustrating opponents on purpose makes a fun game. I really can’t.

Maybe I just can’t control my cool. But I’m not a competitive player, nor am I a competitive person . I just want to play a game or two and move on with my day. Now I don’t.

Again, the popularity poll was sort of the final straw for me. People like NG, so I am in the minority. Gwent is just no longer for me after 3 years.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/pvcv5b/unpopular_opinion_the_popularity_of_ng_makes_it/

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