Unpopular Opinion: The streamer hate on this subreddit is borderline harassment and reflects poorly on the Tarkov and gaming community.

Right now this sub is attacking Landmark, but Pestily, Worrun, Veritas and plenty of other streamers have been targeted in the past.

Spending weeks on a campaign against a streamer cos he said something about the price of LPS GZH or, as he was killed, said he thought that was stream sniping reflects badly on you. It shows anger and pettiness, and quite likely a fair bit of jealousy.

Take a moment to have some empathy and think about other people’s lives and feelings. You never know what’s going on in their lives behind the scenes.

I guess people think that because it’s just playing video games streaming is easy and the streamers don’t deserve success?

Streaming is incredibly hard work. You have to play games a high level and also entertain an audience for far longer then any other entertainment job. And your chances of success are incredibly low for the amount of work put in.

An actor or a radio host does an hour or so of content a day at most, and that content is usually written or edited to make sure only the right moments go in.

Big streamers do 8-12 hours live almost every day. They get tired, they make mistakes, they say stupid shit sometimes. But because it’s all recorded live their actions are preserved for later criticism.

If you don’t like a streamer it’s simple. Don’t watch them, or block them. I don’t like Veritas’s attitude so I just don’t watch him. I think ExFilCamper is bad for the game so I blocked him on Twitch.

Just be a good one person and don’t go trying to ruin someone’s livelihood for something as unimportant as the price of video game ammo or a false accusation.

Thanks for reading.


A clarification. I’m not saying that streamers actions shouldn’t be criticized or that their ideas shouldn’t be debated. I’m just saying the pitchforks and raging hate boners that always accompany said criticism are completely out of hand and reflects poorly on the community, and the individuals fomenting hate.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/j54wvr/unpopular_opinion_the_streamer_hate_on_this/

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