Unpopular opinion. This subreddit is one of the biggest advertisements for cheaters for Tarkov.

Every day while scrolling through this subreddit I read comments like "RMT is so profitable", "You make so much money with RMT", "Cheaters never get banned", "I die to cheaters every raid", "Cheaters teleporting around looting all my loot", "BattlEye sucks", and every other variation of these statements you can think of.

I'll play a scenario. Little casual timmy buys Tarkov. He spends 1-2 hours a day playing the game. He tries his hardest to be good at the game like all the streamers he watches but constantly gets shit on. He's fed up. He goes to reddit to see if he can get some help… Instead he sees posts about how bad BattlEye is.. About how cheaters can cheat forever, make a ton of money, and never get banned. About how cheaters are in almost every raid on Tarkov… So what does little timmy do? He buys cheats for himself.

PS I don't believe cheaters are in every raid. I'm level 50 and I've ran into a total of maybe 7-10 blatant cheaters. I go into raids wearing full meta gear. I believe this community blows the cheating problem way out of proportion to make themselves feel better about dying constantly.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/sbytas/unpopular_opinion_this_subreddit_is_one_of_the/

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