Unranked Matchmaking sucks. Please change it!

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I know unranked matcmkaing isnt as improtant as ranked for most but a lot of people play it cause they want to play with friends and have fun, test things or if they cant play with their friends cause of ranks otherwise. But how the love of god is this fair and fun?


It is a stomp and the ranks of dire were 2 rank 1000 immortals 1 unranked immortal and 2 archons and the Radiant's highest was divine 1. It sucks that most of the time it is a 5 stack against a 2 and a 3 stack but there were even 2 solo players. Please make the matchmaking more fair even if it is unranked. Either make the ranks more fitting or make it 5vs5 stacks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mrizqw/unranked_matchmaking_sucks_please_change_it/

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