Until Odyssey Phase 3 patch 2 comes out, HERE is how to have the best possible DSS / Scanner testing experience

If you want to see the best possible (i.e. least bugged) version of the Phase 3 stuff head to Lalande 43492 and go to the body 2 D — make sure your ship has the planet surface scanner. The DSS works properly here (mostly), meaning that the DSS and filters will actually work properly, with overlay of areas with types of biologicals (seen in the examples below)… whereas after scanning the MAJORITY of planets DSS is totally broken with no filters shown at all and/or just a green blob for a planet. This is what is causing most people's rage quits. Don't be frustrated and angry, it mostly works at this location, go there it is worth it. There are one or two filters even here that do not work (uniform green) but 5 out of 7 work.

Attempting to scan any other planet with any geologicals (i.e. most landables) results in only the green blob. Ideally the planet needs to have multiple types of biology, and NO geology, until it is fixed in a patch. Some planets also seem to also not trigger the filters menu, the working example is shown in the screenshots below.

The genetic scanner thing is, as many other people have mentioned, is just a pretty naff reaction wheel to collect samples (and it is limited to scanning one type at a time, with very simplistic notions of genetic variety. Hopefully they will take the repeated constructive ideas and rework that to instead be a tuning system (like the FSS) before launch to be more engaging – e.g.

  • instead get a tuned pattern matched sample from optionally 1 large, 1 small AND 1 more distant specimen (don't just make distance be the only key),
  • allow sampling of up to three types at a time (e.g. a grass type, a fungal type, and a microbial type) so you do not have to constantly retread your steps to go back for the others),
  • and when you have taken the time to get the best possible variety of sampling (as mentioned) this will provide RNG potential of additional outcomes and rewards, such as discovering probable uses for a sample, e.g. medicinal properties, or potential bioengineering, or as a hallucinogen, etc., these will then be handed in to Vista Genomics for higher rewards

Also in the similar vein (pun intended) include an ability when wearing the suit, to cut off samples of rocks (maybe the arc cutter or a similar working specific tool) which can then be scanned, and again RNG potential of discovering mineral veins, dropping small amounts of collectable valuable materials, AND things like fossils or evidence of other types of microscopic life that can also be handed into to Vista Genomics.

This would make surface exploration a multi-pronged option of a career path (similar to other Elite ranks) and more SCIENCY.

Its a good start and I really like the potential, love your work devs :), it was just hampered by infuriating DSS bugs that should never have been released into the wild, which has alienated a large selection of testers, and some wafer thin mechanics that needs to be just fleshed out a bit.

When it works, it is fantastic… go here, it works


Being able to go from rocky geomes to dunes in the same exploration session is great!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mubh55/until_odyssey_phase_3_patch_2_comes_out_here_is/

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