Upcoming Community Podcast 6 – Topic Suggestions for Guest Appearance – Due EOD Oct 16th

Hello boys and girls!

The wheels are in motion for the upcoming Community Podcast #6 and I'm honored and excited to participate in it for a bit.

  • Day: Thursday, October 21st
  • Time: TBA (I'll update this notice once I have this information)

I have a window of time to introduce and discuss a few topics and I'm curious…

For those who are familiar with my style of posts and discussion topics/responses over the years*(see content examples at bottom)…

  • What is ONE THING you'd like to have addressed?

If you're having a hard time thinking of something, maybe come at it from another angle: After watching the EFT podcasts, what is ONE THING you're always a bit bummed out was not discussed?

We can chat about it here and gather our thoughts or, if you'd prefer, I've also set up a Google form:



NOTE: This link is unique to the EFT Reddit community. If you've already submitted through a separate Discord/Forums/etc form, there's no need to resubmit here


This gives me time to look through them, ask any follow-ups to clarify, etc etc

Let's do it to it, thanks for your input!

<insert fist-bump-with-explosion-here>

NOTE: I may be slow on responding depending on availability, but I WILL read and reply to all posts!

* Some content examples

Weapon Handling and Momentum

Deep Dive into Recoil Mechanics

Free Aim

Deep Dive into Movement

"The Original" Steam Audio Post That Kicked It Off

Project Acoustics – Alternative to Steam Audio

Traders Act as Suppliers

The Raid Film – Reimagined with Secure Containers (old)

EDIT: For those who would rather participate on the forums, here is a link to that discussion


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/q7fxif/upcoming_community_podcast_6_topic_suggestions/

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