Update 7 bookmark max increase vs actual issue… Lack of context

IMO the number of bookmarks was not that much of a problem as is the fact that we cannot assign any context to the ones we have. On the galaxy map, they are all orange, all the time. Zero context can be inferred.

E.g. to set the colour of the bookmark so that groups of them will have at a glance context (to the player) when seen on the galaxy map. I might want to set red to bookmarks for most distant parts of the galaxy that I'd visited to date, blue to good tritium mining, green for important lore sites, etc., etc. Just half a dozen available colours would be fine.

Also, if the galaxy map would show filters in terms of a aggregate geospatial heatmap (Google image search geospatial heatmap for examples… Mods don't like me adding Google shortened links) then half of the need for bookmarks would go away. All of the galaxy map filters are useless if you zoom out beyond a few hundred square LY…

Finally, also having the ability to apply multiple filters at once.

Standard usability kind of stuff.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/puxgg5/update_7_bookmark_max_increase_vs_actual_issue/

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