US-East odd match making?

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Recently I have come back to dota after a roughly 2 month break since 7.29 got really really stale for me and my friends. However now I have been running into some funky match making. Every other game seems to have someone from another eastern-region.

It's not a problem, but I was wondering if anyone knew the context behind this. I'm guessing foreign exchange students might be returning to their campuses or something?

All the matches I have que'd for solo or party have been US-East, unranked, All-Pick.

Here's some garbage detective work I've gathered while playing:

Recent matches and players with odd regions

And to show which settings I have been using to que for matches, here is my language settings and region selection.

Language settings (OMEGALUL)

Matchmaking Region Selection

None of the players are greifing or causing problems, and these players get matched on both teams so it's not like either side is imbalanced.

Since someone will ask here's my behavior score as well. Additionally my dotabuff: (I have been playing like dogshit recently)

Ayo, look at this DOOD

Just thought I would share this to see what others have been experiencing as well. I don't play that often so my sample size is really small.


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