USEC / BEAR character choice should matter

USEC / BEAR currently only determines which starting gear a player gets in his inventory. However I think minor changes in this regard would change a lot Progression wise:

  • If you choose USEC you should be unable to trade with prapor till you are at least level 20. You should have negative reputation and first need to grind that reputation up.
  • You should be able to start immediately with the quests from peacekeeper starting at level 1.
  • if you choose BEAR it should be the other way around
  • both would mean that players need to rely more on the flea market and loot to get items which aren’t available for them

On the long term, your faction and quests / reputation should influence the relationship with the traders:

  • Higher reputation = better / more offers for high end gear (do not lock available items only behind a strict player level)
  • Higher Reputation = quests with better reward
  • Endgame and Daily quests should directly influence the reputation of the traders which enables player to „focus“ west or Russian weapons/ammo and armor, or even be more neutral (skier?)
  • higher reputation with PK / UNTAR = UN Troops won’t attack you. Even play as a UN soldier (instead of scav?)

What do you think?


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