ValhallaRP, a Valheim Voice RP server! Come see what you’ve been missing!

Valhalla RP is a Valheim voice (Mumble Proximity) RP server (As the title suggests) and currently, it's the top English RP server on battle metrics!

The admins play Gods, and provide player interaction and story, while keeping true to the Valheim progression system. In the current season, we have locked Biomes, and are currently progressing together under Odin's guidance.

Currently, Warriors of the realm have just defeated the Elder, and unlocked the Iron age! Many groups set out, searching for iron in the outer ring, and fiitting themselves for the next challenge. Some have heard the whispers of Fenrir, and question if Odin ever intended to let them into Valhalla in the first place! The Suthern Militia thinks they have routed most of the cultists, but little do they know it is only the beginning, and the howl of Fenrir, The Watchful Eye of Odin, The screams of Hel, all of them echo across the world, as change is coming, but who shall be the victor?

Start your journey today by joining our discord and putting in an application! (Usually done within 24 hours) and getting your server mods set up (We have one of the most amazing Devs on our admin team, constantly improving the server) and mumble! (Voice Proximity chat).

Will you be a farmer? A Warrior? Perhaps a devout of Odin, ready to vanquish at his command? Maybe the fangs of Fenrir have sank into your mind, and you question your destiny? Maybe you just want to be a Tavernkeep, telling stories and hearing them all the same! No matter who you seek to be, your destiny awaits on Valhalla RP!

We hope to see many Vikings join, and find what they've been looking for!!!


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