Valheim Appreciation Post

I just wanted to speak my mind and talk about how this game is so friggin awesome!
Let's go back to when Runescape was THE game back in early 2000s. I am a 27 year old man now. The amount of time I put into that game was well worth it and the little things you learn from that game, you bring with you to the real world.
I remember one time in class we were talking about metals and the teacher asked how to make steel and I felt like such a badass knowing you mix iron and coal, answering with confidence.
My buddies and I would spend hours in the backyard picking up sticks, making bows, arrows, leveling up our fletching levels.
In art class I would create things based around Runescape like the armor or I would paint the beautiful landscape from the game.

With Valheim I feel the same way!
When I walk on the trails I notice the landscape and I see birch trees and pine and instantly think of the game.
One time I was leaving my job and saw a huge patch of dandelions and said "Oh shit!" out loud lol and felt pretty stupid, but like a kid at the same time.
I hope my future child and I can play this together sometime just to see him/her happy and hopefully living through similar experiences as myself.

If you feel the same way, I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts!

Thanks for reading!


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