Valheim Bosses hard for solo players.

I love this game but wish it was a little more friendly to us solo players when it comes to the Bosses.

I know it is meant to be weighted according to the number of players, but am not convinced the weighting is all that accurate. Simply dividing the difficulty from 10 players to 1 player by a factor of 10 does not cover it.

In a group individual players can have a moments respite while their mates keep up the fight – not so for the solo player.

I don’t mind the grinding, I don’t mind the slow progression, I don’t mind that it will take me longer to build etc., but I do mind how hard it is to solo a Boss.

Yes I have the right foods, yes I have checked out recommended strategies, yes I have even tried the so-called exploits (like fighting The Elder from inside a hole).

But whittling down the Boss’s health all on my lonesome takes forever, and I lose focus, make a mistake, and bam, I’m dead again. Big sigh.

Don’t bother saying “Git gud” – not all of us can be superstars 😛


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