Valheim isn’t about the bosses (?)

Curious what others think about this idea. It struck me today that the bosses in Valheim aren't particularly interesting or difficult to beat, whether solo or in a team. For instance, they have few attack patterns, their behavior doesn't change as their health gets low, and most can be beat in a few minutes so long as you're halfway prepared. The environment also doesn't have any unique hazards in the boss "arenas" (unless you count the Elder's summons). As one measure I'm comparing them to raid bosses in MMOs.

At the same time, I've read about lots of players on this sub who seem to fixate on the bosses, pushing through to beat all five, and then they're done with the game, like there's nothing else to see or discover.
The bosses ARE cool and interesting, but I'm curious what other players and the devs have to say about this. For me they're kind of just a higher tier of regular enemies that happen to drop "gate" resources…

Alternatively if the bosses are supposed to be a major focus, it wouldn't hurt to make their AI and other attributes more distinct and complex.


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