Valheim Satisfactory Crossover

First of all, this game is amazing. Best game i've played in years and i play a lot. I love the building system, exploring, crafting, taming, and making sure the bees are happy. There is just one thing for me, that could really add some sprinkles on top. It could give more value and purpose to all our beautyfull bases and outposts, exploring, crafting and resource gathering.

What if you could find npcs on your adventures, maybe even 1 or 2 star ones? invite them or bribe them with mead. you could get an item from them like "Svenssons chest" and place it in one of your buildings. they would be more happy with a bed and a hearth.

maybe you could equip them by adding gear to their chests and maybe they would use that gear like an axe, fishing rod, bow, pickaxe or sword to obtain a profession or fulfill their preset profession, catch a fish or gather 5 wood per day, plant some trees or seeds.not much, but honest work

the npcs could be limited to one of each profession (per settlement) or 1 npc per 15+ comfort house

i am thinking of flokis settlement on the island of the gods
what do you think?


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