Valheim save file reverse engineering

I've seen several people asking about things like where to find the vendor or certain bosses. I've written a rough program to track down that sort of thing. It can list every world location as well as some other minor info.

Example Output

I have put it in a git repo, the Windows binaries that I built can be downloaded here. I am not a python programmer nor reverse engineering specialist by trade, so there are probably a lot of improvements that could be made.

If there is much interest it could update it to make it easier to pick out the hard to find boss locations. Right now it's tricky to find some things since there are usually more than 7000 locations generated per world, most of which aren't very useful.


I forgot to mention, I've only tested this with a couple of worlds I made. It is entirely possible there is a critical bug I missed and it may need updating if the world file formats are different than expected.


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