Valheim sold an average of 2.05 copies during the first month of its release

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

EDIT: I screwed the title, I meant '2.05 copies per second', forgive meSorry if this post doesn't fit this sub, I just think the immediate success of Valheim is very incredible from a statistical standpoint. Another game I love has just reached 3 million copies (in 2 years), so it really piqued my interest when I compared it to Valheim's sales. Valheim surpassed 3 Million copies in only 3 weeks time. Heres a table with a bit of data:

MilestoneTotal Copies soldRate (copies per second)
2021, February 02 – Release(0)
2021, February 101,000,0001.45 (8 day period)
2021, February 152,000,0002.32 (5 day period)
2021, February 193,000,0002.89 (4 day period)
2021, February 244,000,0002.31 (5 day period)
2021, March 035,000,0001.28 (9 day period)


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