Valheim’s building system suffers from bad snapping.

A friend of mine recommended this game to me after hearing how I like base building games.

I will first off admit that there are some really cool and good ideas for the build system in Valheim. The way you need to have a workbench before you can start building structure is an interesting albeit occasionally annoying mechanic. I do appreciate all the building pieces feeling very in line with the whole Viking aesthetics. I also do think the toggle snapping to allow for more organic building structure is a very great addition to the build system.

However if there's one thing that constantly makes me annoyed and ruins my fun of the game, it's the snapping system that is employed in Valheim. The way it inconsistently requires you to either point at the edge of the latest tile/wall you placed or sometime an imaginary center point of the next tile/wall you want to place drives me nuts. I hate having to constantly fight the system to place down my next block of wall.

It's gonna sound upsetting to some and most will probably laugh at me for saying this, but this game should try incorporating some elements of Fortnite's build system. Specifically the way the walls/floors/stairs always consistently snap to the nearest piece closest to where your cursor is pointing. This would make the snapping feature way more intuitive and responsive and allows for much less frustration trying to get things to snap together.

Maybe it's just me and my friends, but I feel like they could seriously improve on the snapping system. It's still early access so I have hopes that it can be made more responsive and intuitive.

PS: When did they remove catching fish by hand? I'm annoyed that one of the best food type is now forever gone. 🙁


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