Valve, I would pay triple the amount someone paid for IO arcana in 2017, and more

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I'll keep the post short and simple.

I wasn't able to buy the IO arcana from battlepass, when it was released back in 2017, because I was away from my computer, it was a terrible, terrible loss for me, as it is one my best and favourite heroes. Unfortunately, it makes it worse that it is IO, because unlike any other hero in the game, you cant assume a good set would come out sooner or later. How do you make a set for IO though, without it being a total remodel of the hero (AKA another arcana – something that isn't happening in this reality).

So what's my point?

I think that for the future of Dota, it's important that there's a way to obtain these items in SOME way. I have friends that have the item, and would gift it to me, the second it becomes giftable. I have money to buy it from the market, or reach up to 1500 levels, or something, to obtain it. An interesting way I thought of, was that if there was a moment at level X of current year's battlepass, where you could choose 1 item to be obtained from previous battlepass. It's up for debate at what level this should be, but imagine if you are an LC player, and could go back and get that LC prestige shoulder piece that feels like it came out a decade ago already.

Personally, I feel like I got fucked over with the release of this DA kid invoker reward. It felt first of all, like I wasted my money last year, getting to it, assuming it would never come back; secondly, the price of the actual DA cape fell dramatically, halving as soon as the DA persona came out, and slightly rising now, but I still can't sell it now. However, there is some saving grace to this. It might potentially mean valve are open to re-releasing old exclusives, for people who couldn't get it at that specific point in time.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my opinion. Like I said, I'm personally willing to pay as much as needed for this item I want, but I'm not saying that this is how they should implement the release, and that everyone should also be interested in paying as much. They could just make it giftable, and collector's shouldn't bother about it, because it's still limited supply, but the ones that want to give it away – have the power to do so. Look at cache sets, for example. There's a market for people gifting those away, and people are making money for harboring those sets for years, until they find someone who will make more use of it. I imagine 99% of you guys with IO arcanas, aren't actually IO players. Imagine how much money you will make from people like me. It's win-win situation, so why not?

Curious to what the reddit community thinks of this, and if you agree or dont really care, I humbly request you upvote this post, so that Valve can see.

TLDR; I dont care how and at what price. There should be a way to obtain exclusive drops from previous battlepasses.


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