Valve please implement a Blind Pick mode for ranked and unranked

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Blind Pick is the only thing I liked from League that Dota doesn't have. Even from the WC3 Dota 1 days, you didn't see the opponents picks until you got to the lane.

There is something more freeing about playing the hero you want to play without worrying about getting countered. The current system is better than the ones in the past FOR SURE. However it still leads to very predictable matchups, and as a lot of people have recently been complaining, it shrinks the pool you can play for supports.

In fact if Valve instituted a Blind Pick mode, it will end up being by far the most popular mode just like it is with League.

For example:

  • Picked PL? Last pick Lesh
  • Picked LC? Last pick OD
  • Picked Shadow Demon? Ok I aint picking LC
  • Picked Enigma support? Okay Silencer core. Okay I'm not picking Enigma anymore because I'm just going to get countered
  • Picked Bane or Shadow Shaman? Let me go pick PL and other illusion heroes
  • Picked ES? Not picking PL and other illusion heroes
  • Picked Techies? Okay last pick Zeus

Of course, a lot of these heroes get picked and played anyway with decent win rates, I just feel countering picks is such a cheap cop out from actually playing a skilled game and diminishes a lot of heroes from the pool (especially Enigma). I just find it so restrictive and unnecessary to give the opponents a chance to counter pick you. Blind picking will benefit supports and have them on an even playing field like their core counterparts.

And guess what, the current system lets smurfs off easy, they picked Nyx? I definitely WON'T pick Tinker or Medusa.

You should be able to play Dota without having to hesitate and think twice about playing the hero you like and want to play (espiecially as a support). It will absolutely make matchups less predictable and forced, while also speeding up the pick process altogether.


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