Valve Ranked system is totally Unfair

Dota2 Mods

Just think about what kind of trick for wasting out your lifetime the Valves have come up with to tighten and keep players in their moba, in order to pull money from them for a commediums, things, and so on.

  1. In mm, there is no way to win the game alone
  2. All that affects the victory – picks and level of allies game. You don't influence them
  3. Your kda burns out in defeat, nullifying all your efforts
  4. You burn out a lot and get tired of anger. When you are not losing because of yourself

'll tell you more. This is a conspiracy theory from Gaben. He specially created such a system to keep as many people as possible in their game for as long as possible, putting them on a dopamine needle and making them rejoice at victories in front of losestreaks. In fact, the 50% system does not exist (or it does exist, maybe I’m wrong) and you just always play roulette, you’ll be lucky for picks, with a team, you’ll be unlucky … this is the maximum randomness and I sincerely, I emphasize, I’m sincerely sorry for all those who sweat ranked in order to rise – you are simply bred for excitement, keeping in the game



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