Valve should create a Battlepass and use the proceeds for COVID aid in countries around the world

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

It looks like this year there won't be a battlepass, because the proceeds from last year's BP are still yet to be claimed.

If Valve came out with a normal battlepass this year, TI10 would have double the prizepool, so it is understandable that Valve is not making the 2021 BP not fund TI10.

However, the community still wants BP because of all the content, and honestly because BP, by itself, is a major thing in Dota 2. Players come back for the BP, and many don't even care about the proceeds going to TI.

So I propose a solution. Valve creates a normal BP that funds COVID aid around the world instead of TI10. Valve and Dota 2 gets excellent PR, the community gets their BP, and the world benefits from Dota gamers.

While we are disappointed with the lack of BP, we have to remember there are literally tens of millions of people in the world right now battling a pandemic. Their lives are literally hanging in the balance. We are in a fortunate position to be disappointed about a game. We're not all scientists and medical professionals to help battle COVID-19, but maybe we can harness the collective dollars of the community and contribute to the COVID battle.


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