Vbucks mission

So I always play Canny, Plankerton and Stonewood vbucks missions in private, because it is too easy for a PL 131 and you always have annoying kids asking for guns, building your turret in a box because they need husk kills, refusing to start vote on a fucking shelter mission where you need to locate 8 modules, etc. Todays vbucks mission I forgot, but I was like whatever. So I build the defense, find 6 modules, put my thunder thora base down, used 3 turrets and killed the miniboss in 1 shot with MSK wrath. The rest of the time I was dancing and just letting the other guy kill the husks, because he asked me too and I was like whatever. My thora base will kill them anyways. The mission end and I had around 850 combat, 500 building and 0 recourses. However I didn't got my mission alerts. Like what the fuck. I know they won't give them to inactive players, but what do I need to do more? In private I would have done the exact same and I would have gotten my vbucks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/lhu38e/vbucks_mission/

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