Vent post: Problems with crime while on foot and a whole lot of wondering around lost in the dark

So I just wanted to share this experience I had yesterday evening, as catharsis I guess.

Just to preface, this was the third in a line of experiences, so you can get an idea of the headspace I was in when it happened:

  • First, signed up for a mission to wipe out a settlement. Showed up, there were no settlers and progess said "0/0 eliminated". Had to abandon.

  • Then, signed up for another mission with a similar objective – wipe out all 20 residents. About half the residents were scientists (or other non-security workers) inside of buildings with level 1-2 access. Checking staff at a terminal revealed everyone in the settlement had level 0 access (even those inside the restricted buildings), meaning I could not access them. Abandoned mission. (Note: I realize now that if I had some E-Breaches it might have been doable, but I hadn't learned that yet)

Finally, I decided to try some easier combat missions and picked up one to eliminate scavengers from an abandoned settlement. I showed up and parked my Krait a little distance from the settlement, partly so that they wouldnt see me coming but also partly because I'd learned settlements rarely have medium pads. Hopped in my SRV and cruised over fired a shot out of my turret when I got there and the abandoned settlement fined me 100CR for firing my weapon on a mission to defend that same settlement. I hopped out of my SRV because the scavengers had seen me and started to surround the vehicle, which was about to go down (and I didn't want to lose my ride back to the ship. I was quickly overwhelmed (which is fine, I'm just not used to the combat yet and I underestimated the scavengers) and killed.

Next thing I know, I've paid my 100CR fine and respawned on foot in a penal facility some distance away. Without my ship, which was apparently still back on the planet I died on. Somewhat concerned initially, I booked a shuttle back to the settlement I had died in so I could reconvene with my ship and, after a short wait, the Apex pilot dropped me off.

Only, i couldn't find my ship. It was pitch black, I had no night vision, and my ship, even though it hadn't seemed that far away by flight or SRV, was nowhere to be seen on foot. Searching in the dark around the perimeter of the facility, I squinted out into the blackness looking for my ship's lights, a hazy silhouette, anything, but there was nothing there. Nothing I could see. No compass marker. No marker on the planetary map. The only piece of information was from the system map, letting me know that my ship was indeed on the planet, somewhere. On the way, I did find my SRV, which gave me a spark of hope – maybe I could use it to summon my ship to me – but that was quickly dashed when I realized the scavengers had destroyed it. I had the thought to wonder off towards the landing pad area – I'd seen some people in beta videos summon Apex shuttles, so I thought maybe there was a terminal there to do that. There was not. I spent what felt like hours walking around that settlement trying to find my ship, when I finally thought to try killing myself with grenades. Luckily, I still had a couple frag grenades and they were enough to take myself out – if I hadnt bought them hours before, or if I'd used more of them in the fight earlier, I would have had to wait on my life support to run out so I could suffocate.

Thankfully, the death screen now had the option "Rejoin with ship", which ended the ordeal after an interminable amount of time and frustration.

Would be nice if our last ship went with us when we go to space jail. Or if we could summon ships we have on that planet while on foot. Or if abandoned facilities didn't fine you for hostile actions taken as a mission objective to defend that facility. Bah.

But, anyway, I just needed to decompress about my awful early odyssey misadventures.

How did your first day go?


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