Vent post

Love the game, love how affordable and beautiful it is, I've gotten a lot of fun out of building a bunch of stuff, I've got 100 hours of gameplay.

Fuelings need to be nerfed. I died in a black forest that was adjacent to the plains (not in the plains) twice because of fuelings. I'm wearing padded iron armor and have 80hp with the food I've eaten. I should not be able to be 2 shot by a random enemy. I sprinted halfway across the forest away from them and it kept following me. I just wanna set up a portal near a swamp so that I can farm iron on a solo server. I shouldn't have to worry about shit like this, it's infuriating that I've had to spend 3 hours of gameplay time just to get my body back. I died twice just trying to get to my body on a raft and then deconstructed parts of my base to get a better ship to pick up my body. Now I've got 2 Karve's sitting super far away from my base and I'll have to make another just to survive the trip. I'm also not able to deconstruct them for some reason so I guess it's just a waste of mats. I'm not trying to play this game on challenge mode, just wanna build shit.

I've been told there are people that will log on to your server and help you get your body back, and while that's awesome, it shouldn't take awesome people from the community to help you get your body because there's an enemy that 2 shots you while you're wearing decent armor.

Either Fuelings need to be nerfed or items in your equip slots should revive with you. It shouldn't be stressful to just recover your shit.

I'm sorry if this post clogs up the new feed, just need to vent my frustration


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