Venture Rant (Feel free to ignore this, just needed to vent)

I have spent the last 2 hours trying to do the level 70 4X EtS mission in Ventures.

Half the time I load in, go straight to the objective and begin clearing out the husks; then the second person immediately loads in doubling the number of husks that need to be killed, which would be fine if they actually ran over and helped kill them, but instead they load in and just stand there, or start running around the map.

When I do manage to clear the husks, I start building and placing traps. The other players load in…and go running around the map doing whatever they want until the timer counts down to 0 and the attack begins. You don't have enough time to wait for them, to see if they are going to come over and help, so you end up too invested in the mission to back out by the time the counter is down to 2 minutes and you realize no one is going to do anything.

I end up using ALL of my materials trying to effectively cover the objective and trap as much as possible; no one else even bothers to help upgrade anything.

Then I get the players that not only don't help with the build, or place any traps; when they finally do run over for the attack, they build ramps and floors in places that allow the husks to just bypass trap tunnels, and attack sides of the objective that they wouldn't have been able to reach had someone not built them a literal bridge.

Add to that most of them have not completed their Blockbuster quest-line's yet so there are also chrome huskies in the mix.

After all of this, players want to be toxic when the mission fails, as though it wasn't their lack of participation that led to the defeat. My combat and build scores are in the thousands, while theirs are usually under 300. If all of us were building and placing traps, we would have a much better defense, and we wouldn't get overrun as easily; but no, they stand there doing the laugh it up emote, because it's hilarious to them that other players are doing all the work for them and losing everything each time a mission fails, while they get to go on to next lobby and find someone else to carry them through.

I get it, Ventures is a grind, but why are so many people playing this game if they have no interest in playing the game?! Honestly, Ventures wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for players that do this crap, but unless you have the time to ride the wave of grinders to finish Ventures in the first week, you get stuck with this in almost every mission.


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