Ventures isn’t fun this season

This season of ventures isn't fun. As usual the ventures mode encourages ability builds over weapon builds but even more so. Ranged weapons and traps do less damage against huskies and Smashers. Ability builds start to wane in strength vs smashers in later missions. The mode is very easy until about PL 80. Then the difficulty spikes as you are starting to get endless smasher waves. If this happens, it doesn't matter how many traps you build or what your personal damage output is with any weapon class, they will just wash through your fort like water through pebbles. I have abandoned 4x missions because they are just a waste of resources on a smasher wave. I just don't see any point to them.

Ventures is supposed to be an interesting challenge with good rewards. This just feels like the normal grind turned up to 11. We need fun gimmicks and not more grind. I love STW otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.


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