Veritas’s “Illusion Of Choice” video covering how damage works, giving a questionaire to content creators, proves most have no clue how the game really works. Yet we follow their incorrect advice.

I've had a couple of drinks.

Markstrom sums up the game absolutely perfectly:

"You can't set 'this and that is going to happen', it's literally a roll of the dice in every single shot. I fell like a lot of these random rolls every single time, and there being no hard and fast like 'this is what happens', is what makes it feel so ass, so often. Each remaining limb takes damage proportional to a fraction of its' total health, oh no wonder it's the same then yeah. That's so dumb dude. Who decided that? Does the person fucking deciding that like play the game? Do they play shooters? Ever? Like any other shooter? Do they understand the single best thing for a shooter to feel good is consistency? Pretty sure every gamer out there would agree with that. Alright, let's add a fucking roll of the dice with every fucking bullet armour interaction, multiple rolls in fact. Pfft. A'ight."

So what's the fastest way to kill Killa using 5.45 BP as a scav, assuming all your hits land?

Legs, duh. Because of course that's how streamers kill Killa the fastest way as they keep showing us so that's what we do.

Nope. Shooting him in the faceshield kills him faster.

Pretty clear almost all of them don't know arm damage, when black, is only 0.7 spread to the rest of the body and guess incorrectly that an arm shot would kill if your torso is very low.

And they're all quick to follow chat's advice who are also wrong in most situations, which proves chat and other players don't know how damage spread works.

Why am I posting this?

Because Tarkov is one of the most complex games, that essentially comes down to multiple rolls of dice with every single round you fire (which is stupid for an FPS), and most likely explains alot of absolute bullshit moments you've experienced.

I'm sick and tired of playing these days because the systems fight so hard against me, and I'm clearly not the only one. I've been playing on and off for 3 years now and I never know if each kill, rare as they are, was skill or luck. That's just not fun on any level.

That and the desync and peaker's advantage I refuse to let go of and Nikita and content creators lie about. If it's not an issue Pestily etc, make a video proving it isn't. I dare you. But you won't, because you've looked in to it and seen it's broken and won't do a video on it because people would stop playing and watching you after you prove how broken the game is, and you'd lose income from getting less and less views as everyone spreads the word how broken this game is at the core.

TLDR: Grab a drink if you're legally allowed to, sit back and seriously watch this. I know it's a bit old now, I don't know him personally, but I think this is arguably the single most important video on Tarkov I've ever seen, and I don't see it posted anywhere else with a quick search.

I want this game to be better, because it IS so unique. But a broken game is…just not fun.

Why are guns meta?

As Veritas says – because they have the highest consistency of killing people in a basically garbage fire of a system of chance where you have so little control.

Nikita wants the game to feel unfair and like real life, yet we're bunny hopping and sprinting around, absorbing 10+ hits and breaking limbs and able to stay stood up and fire back. If you got hit wearing armour with M995 rounds, a single one, you're either dead or on the deck, end of story. Headshot on the helmet? You're either dead, on the deck with a ricochet or knocked the fuck out.

You have to balance realism with consistency to be a game people want to play. Tarkov IS A GAME Nikita. And you need to be more consistent to be a great game. The systems need changing, or you'll forever be this tiny Russian Dev with a meme game most of us in our hearts find hard to recommend to others.


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