Very nice party MM with smurfs every game

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Sharing an interesting experience, I played 4 games in a party (~ 5500-6000 average)

first game -smurf ta 20-0 in our team

second game – smurf ta 20-0 against us

third game – smurf brood 20-0 against us

fourth game – smurf brood 20-0 against us

People are stupidly abusing party boost, it looks like the party rating is intended only for girls to be boosted by 7k gods from low-mmr smurf-accounts

It seems like the Valve were going to fight the ruiners on smurf accounts, so why are all the games so low-quality?

There are also a lot of new accounts in the solo rating, more often bad players play on them, but there are also players from a higher rating, but it balances out there and does not feel so much because you have exactly the same people in your team. But a group without smurfs always has very low chances of winning because smurfs almost always play against you. Sad


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