Viper Mk IV – Got to say I am impressed!

One of the things I enjoy doing now that Odyssey is live is fly around planets looking for POI like crash sites etc. Early on I decided that I really didn't have a ship set up for exactly what I needed: Small, inexpensive and fast. More importantly I decided I wanted a ship that I didn't already own. Not a biggie as I only have 14 ships (no duplicates BTW). So off to Coriolis I went, and ended up deciding on a Viper Mk IV. Never flown one before, the numbers on Coriolis were good enough for me, so jumped in a Apex shuttle and headed off to Jameson. Transferred the modules I needed (most of them), purchased the ones I didn't have, quick trip to a couple of Engineers, and I had my very own Mudslinger, fitted with two Med Beams (never used them yet lol) and two Small Advanced Missile Racks. Found the missiles excellent at getting rid of any pesky NPCs who for some inane reason, don't want me stealing the bits from all these crashed ships and SRVs.

And I have to admit, the Viper handles quite well, nice top speed of 418, 527 if I hit the big boost button and a decent jump range of 43 odd LY's. It even squats down nice and low if I am not using the SRV 😀

All in all, got to say I am impressed, the ship does exactly what I wanted it to do – got to be happy with that.

Fly Safe Commanders!


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