Viraxis change

witcher triss merigold gwint

I propose that final form Viraxis boosts order units by 1 instead of soldiers, since right now the passive is almost like an after thought.

Most of the time he plays either midway or late through the round, and the most prominent deck he's played in is Sheildwall. Half of the deck isn't even soldiers, so What's the point in playing Viraxis early to get 2 points of passive value?

King Auberon gets his value on deploy, so his passive makes sense for it to be a value engine, and it procs off wild hunt tag which is fairly easy to do, Same with harald. It just feels super clunky for Viraxis to have a super powerful order ability late in the round but a passive that benefits playing soldier units early in the round.

With his passive boosting order units, he has a wider pool of units to boost, is even better with mages, and even has more synergy with sheildwall with Ansies. This change basically makes it to where if you know your opponent can't remove Viraxis, it's alot easier to get value from his passive than to run 2 Aedirnian maulers to squeeze out that 1 point.

Let me know what you guys think!


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