VR headset only for Elite Dangerous – Quest 2 or Valve Index?

Hello Commanders, C. Jamsus from Italy here.

Recently i've tried ED (for the first time) with Quest 2, and i was pretty happy that the game didnt gave me what usually i get from VR: motion sickness and nausea 2-3 hours.

So i was thinking about picking up a VR, even if i admit i was happy but not super super impressed with Quest 2, mostly for FOV Sweet Spot area which maybe was not big enough to be completely immersive. I still got the impression to be inside a space helmet so that was pretty cool and i can also use it as an extra difficulty step to play with ED.

I was wondering if maybe a Valve Index was better to get more immersed. I know that the resolution is a bit lower but i've seen it has a bit more FOV and having around 7.0 IPD i was thinking that maybe the Valve Index was better suitable to get closer to the lenses and get the most of FOV in focus, for an immersive experience mostly, which it is what i'm looking for.

Consider that i will not playing other titles, i mean, maybe some other space pew pew titles, but i would like to join VR ranks only for Elite Dangerous, to vanish from real world and stay 2-3 hours away from it.

I would love to hear some opinions on these two VR headsets mainly for the "simulation" experience.

Thanks and fly safe in 2021!

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