Vyi again…

Yennefer's Journey

Why is everyone and their mother playing Vyi in casual again?

Yeah it got nerfed and plays in the long run for less points, but in general it is the same boring deck everyone was spamming and is still obnoxious with the braindead pointslam. Just play it in ranked if you have such a blast playing it.

Seriously every monster deck I played against (and I am meeting them 50% of my games in casual) is a Vyi deck. Nothing new, nothing inovative. Sorry but in casual I want to have fun for once and trying some new/meme decks and don't want to have to tech against Vyi all the time.

Looked one guy up, went to pro rank with this deck, stayed at 2400 and went to normal games spamming it again…

Once again these rock-paper-scissors match-ups… Lockdown got nerfed for a reason, but Vyi is still annoying as hell to play against.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mf1o8b/vyi_again/

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