Wah wah wah

This game is one of the most creative and unique games to be experienced. Its ingenuity will change the gaming industry for a long time. AND its by a small developer. Its as if people forget that. Sure, it has desync, bugs, server issues, hitbox issues. I question Nikita's choices constantly and disagree with a lot of his decisions. But we sit here and gobble the balls of games like cyberpunk and call of duty. Triple a developers with unlimited budgets. And not only do those games have the same issues or worse, there's no new ingenuity. Its the same game we've been playing over and over. SO: why do I feel like the tarkov community is the biggest bunch of whiny pessimistic cunts that can't be happy with anything. I log on reddit and just read cry post after cry post. If your pc can't run tarkov, try running cod mw. And then go cry to blizzard about optimization and see if they give a fuck. Maybe get a fucking job and buy some new pc parts instead of crying. I dunno man. But I'm pretty fed up with the community whining so much. Go play something else and leave the loot to us men who aren't afraid to peek through a little desync.

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