Walkable thicker atmosphere worlds.

With oddesy coming out soon and unlocking a lot of thin atmosphere worlds so you can fly

At first I was disappointed upon hearing that, but I quickly understood why seeming this planetary tech very new and to start on planets with little atmosphere makes sense.

However what I want to talk about is about the future of new content, what type of worlds could come next. If they will be released in batches or planet type by planet type.

I expect Earth like worlds to quite later on, based on our own world there is a lot of things such as all the varied environments, flora, fauna and all the buildings if its a high population world.

I wonder what kind of things we see, how extensive would the procedural generation work to the landscape and even plants and animals, hell would even be unique plant life and megafauna?

And how would ammonia worlds work, could we see different forms of life incredibly different to our own?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lwxgbx/walkable_thicker_atmosphere_worlds/

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