Wangid didn’t cheat. Calm your disappointment and see the whole story here

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So I was watching his stream on huya casually during his last climb days. He got matched with those 4-6 players such as Cyberz, kams, shaggy and akela114 quite often, won some, lost some (i'm sure CDPR could see that from the record) as well as those who forfeited to him deliberately.

Now, Wangid doesn't know those who forfeited to him, and of course, didn't want them to, and certainly wouldn't do it WHILE HE'S STREAMING ON HUYA TV, but since he doesn't know him, he couldn't stop them q in.

Some players wanted either to make fun or screw his career up.

Let's put this up:

If I'm to screw up one Pro-Gwent players career (who desperately needed the crown points for the last spot to Masters, say Cyberz), I could just hire someone who is highly ranked enough ( high enough to Q into Cyberz during his last climbing days), and just Q and play few rounds and forfeit (it's relatively easy to recognize certain player to their card backs and leader skins). And I report to CDPR call Cyberz cheating. CDPR checked and found there's a pattern that Cyberz had matched with the guy I hired and got auto-win. Now is Cyberz guilty to the name of 'cheating' and should he be banned?

And that's what exactly happened to Wang. First, he played the whole thing on stream. Anyone who has a normally functioning brain would not ASK PEOPLE TO FORFEIT TO HIM while STREAMING THE WHOLE PROCESS FOR RECORD. Second, he has been one of the most consistent and strong players since 2018 and would definitely not risk his entire career and reputation on a masters spot just by having people forfeiting during his streams.

He had shown the confidence and skill to beat anyone in the world during the past events, and his rigour and character wouldn't allow him to do anything near cheating.

All in all, those players who tried to either 'make fun' and 'help' wangid with the deliberate forfeit, or, to screw up his career and get this issue escalated to CDPR, you guys are fucking childish and brainless. Wang didn't need the mess and he could've gotten to the masters himself. For Wang, he didn't cheat and you guys should not be disappointed.

Again, if the competitive ruling stays still, one gotta ask if the scenario i stated (as counter to Cyberz) really happens, what would Gwent Masters become.


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  • Manyue 20.11.2021 in 20:05

    I agree. I really wonder if the person who reported him did it just so that he himself could get into Masters.

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