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Hello, I'm Wangid2021. As I have said, I sent my appeal to CDPR 50 hours ago,and now they responded me. Here is "Respond to Wangid2021":

Dear “wangid2021” Ni Lipao,

Thank you for submitting your appeal letter to us. Let us address the points raised in it one by one.

1) “First of all, I wish to make clear that my streaming on HUYA TV has nothing to do with creating potential cheating opportunities”.

We fully agree with your points re: streaming. CDPR doesn’t prohibit streaming of any GWENT matches (outside of tournaments) including Pro Rank ones. The competitive ruling published last Friday doesn’t contain any references or mentions that the fact that you’ve decided to stream your matches was used against you. It is true, however, that the video recordings of some of your matches were used to analyze the behavior of your opponents in addition to the statistical data.

2) Second, I did notice some “abnormal” games including forfeits while streaming at the end of the season Dryad. But, throughout the entire season, it happened so rarely that I don’t believe I need to bother to remember the IDs, contact questionable players, or report such incidents to GWENT Masters authorities. I have no idea how the number 3.7% is calculated. And suppose it’s calculated with evidence, that’s 25 games in total, less than 4 games in a hundred, which are judged as “abnormal”. On average, it happened once every 6-7 hours of gaming. As a professional streaming player of Gwent for four years, I find it hard to believe that anyone would risk his integrity to get an advantage from these few games. Moreover, since CDPR blocked players’ IDs during pro-ladder games, no one knows the player’s identity before the end of a game. If I am to be accused of cheating, I would like to know the method of my so-called crime.

Yes, the number 3.7% of the total matches corresponds to 25 matches played by you this season which were found in violation of rule 12.3 of GWENT Masters ruleset. As it was communicated in the original ruling, analysis of match history and replays were used to determine this number. The exact methodology used to identify the matches in violation of the rules won’t be disclosed here to prevent other players adapting to our methods of detection.

While we understand that this number might seem insignificant to you, given the importance of this season for World Masters qualification, we couldn’t ignore it or dismiss this as irrelevant. Regarding your point about players’ nicknames not being visible during the matches, we’re, of course, aware of this feature introduced to prevent intentional forfeits and match-fixing. However, we also understand that, as in your case, it doesn’t always prevent these violations, so additional investigations are needed from time to time. We treat this case very seriously and, to ensure that the final decision is justified, we checked other pro players from the top of the ladder and did not find such violations.

3) Third, my total MMR at the end of season Dryad is 10805, including the 9600 base MMR. I have gained 1205 points through 675 games on pro-ladder. If indeed 3.7% of my games are problematic, I am willing to have the corresponding MMR deducted for fairness to other competitive players. But that should be125-150 points instead of 400. I can’t really understand how the amount 400 is reasonably calculated, and I find it harder to believe that the proposed deduction reduced my crown points to 240, just 2-4 points below the invitation bar to World Masters S3. Again, I accept the deduction of crown points that should not belong to me, but I believe I’ve been excessively punished since I didn’t plan the problematic games or collude with anyone.

It’s good to see that you agree with MMR/Crown Points deduction sanction in principle. Regarding the exact method for calculating the impact of these matches and, subsequently, the amounts of MMR/Crown points deducted: 3.7% MMR was deducted from your current MMR of 10805 publicly visible on the website and representing your total results in this season. Each player's current MMR is the most straightforward way to represent their position of that Season, so we feel this is the best way to deduct MMR/Crown points.

While we agree that, due to the nature of how current MMR is being calculated, multiple approaches can be used to determine the exact number of MMR/Crown Points, the decision to use the current MMR as a base for such deductions is final and non-revocable based on paragraphs 14.3(c) and 14.4 of GWENT Masters ruleset. We will stick to this approach in case of future rulings on that matter.

4) Fourth, according to the competitive ruling, I am accused of “didn’t reveal this situation to GWENT Masters authorities”. I am astonished that NO ONE at GWENT Masters authorities or CDPR ever contacted me for detail regarding this incident or ask me for an investigation. And now I am accused of failing to communicate. It was a humiliation for me and all who cares about this incident.

According to paragraph 12.2 of GWENT Masters Ruleset, *“*Participants are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards of integrity and good sportsmanship throughout GWENT Masters”. With you admitting in your earlier statement that you “did notice some “abnormal” games including forfeits while streaming at the end of the season of Dryad”, failing to report such occurrences to GWENT Masters authorities using one of the publicly available methods of communication, is a violation of rule 12.2 and its treated as an attempt to hide important information potentially affecting your tournament qualification from CDPR.

Considering the type of offense that was investigated at this time, interviewing players wasn't deemed necessary for establishing relevant facts. Instead, we were analyzing statistical data, match replays and other factors. To make sure that our approach is fair, we also checked other pro players using the same method. We didn’t contact or inform other players under the investigation that it was in progress.

We’d like to conclude this message with a statement that we’re not accusing you of any “crime” or “labeling you as cheater”. The sanctions against you are issued based on the violation of the rules and the need to keep the competitive integrity of GWENT Masters free of any abuse – direct or indirect. We appreciate your support of our actions directed at protecting the principles of Fairplay in GWENT.

That is the letter responded by CDPR.And here are some of my opinions on it:

1.It's reasonable to not disclose the methodology to identify matches,but those who involved in these 25 games should be disclosed and be punished.I believe “五花瞟” was not the only one,or I would have deep impression on him if he himself trolled against me up to 25 games.

  1. It's ok not changing the MMR deduction on me,but I totally disagree CDPR will stick to this deduction in case of future rulings on that matter.From my personal perspective,it's a really really questionable approach.

3.Speak frankly,I don't realize ***“Participants are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards of integrity and good sportsmanship throughout GWENTMasters”***means I should report the "abnormal game" I noticed , if not I just violate the rules.And I have to say I think myself honest until CDPR tell me I'm not,and it's dishonest if you fail to recognize and report the abnormal games judging by CDPR.I feel like I have taken an exam and failed to pass. So I think maybe the standards,obligations,etc. should be more clearly so that all the competitors can know easily how to obey it ,instead of judging their integrity and sportsmanship?

4.It's reasonable that"interviewing players wasn't deemed necessary for establishing relevantfacts.However,only to give me a chance to provide my evidence or defend for myself would make me feel much more better,instead of being told by my fans that I was punished while I was streaming and knowing about nothing.And since CDPR don't accept any appeal on their competitive ruling according to 14.3,I think it's not making trouble out of nothing to ask for a chance to defend before the whole investigation was done.

5.Anyhow, I am glad to hear that I am not sentenced to be a "cheater". To be honestly, I'm not satisfied with this reponse, but I will accept the result. And I'm seriously considering the next period of my life.

That's all for the opnions. All in last, I'd like to provide some interesting stories for you:

Today one of my fan show me this picture,claiming it came from the chat of Bushr's streaming on Nov.17. I was amazed that Cyberz told this out…and he is right, I knew TLG is monitoring me at that time,probably took the lead by Qnerr and Cyberz. But if sb. is well up in Chinese read chat after the game I playing against Cyberz, he can easily find two other reasons from chat I didn't give him gg(while I was giving gg to anyone else):

1.Cyberz never gave me gg,haha.

2.We thought Cyberz a cheater.

I have obligation to explain on 2. For some reasons you know, I kept an eye on Cyberz and asked some guys to help me do it. And we found his mmr raised suddenly after a long-period slow-growth. in the end of the season Draconid.On Aug.31,maybe 5 A.M. in China,One of a Chinese guy found Cyberz keep staying a long time in the main interface, and then got 2 winning in 15 minnutes, with one of it maintain 3 minutes around. This mode maintained for 1-2 hours.That's suspicious and we keep on monitoring to get more evidence. Finally we sent our evidence to CDPR at the beginning of Sept.,Obviously, we failed. So maybe Cyberz is innocent, but I don't know how to explain his repeated quick winning.

By the way, it's me to be reported and finally be punished. But I'm curious that as Cyberz knowing I had realized that I was sniped by him or his teammates, why he still convinced that I keep wintrading on stream.Maybe I was supposed to send him a gift. Anyway, as I'm possibly not gwent anymore,I'm not going to report him for his suspected snipping at me.

That's the end of the story. Thank you for reading!


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