Wanna play through the full game, one boss a week at a time? Love to build? Come play with us!

Hi! My friend Tiny and I are looking for a group of active players who reside in North America to do a full playthrough of Valheim on a fresh 24/7 dedicated server (backed up daily) located in Chicago. We have both previously beat the game (https://imgur.com/a/xi76x1O). Ideally, we are looking for people that love building and want to create beautiful bases which immerse you in the game and can commit to playing in 2-4 hour chunks a few times a week.

About Us:

– Alouette: Bubbly and outgoing, I'm left-wing, queer, and have a fairly dominant personality. Very organized/meticulous person.

– Tiny: Chill with a strong attention to detail in the game. Really like to build things that are beautiful and immerse you in the game.


– Scheduled weekly boss fights to ensure the game progresses at a regular pace and limits server inactivity.

– Client-side Quality of Life mods such as BetterUI, Massfarming, Crafting with containers, MapSync etc.

– Cheating and spawning in materials is not tolerated.


– Be over 18.

– Be kind and respectful to others.

– Be able to voice chat on Discord with a relatively quiet background (no constantly screaming kids, internet cafes, etc.)


– Alouette is quite open but she is busy Tuesday and Friday evenings.

– Tiny is free throughout the week and weekends as work schedule permits.

Here is an album of Alouette's base on her first playthrough:


Here are some videos Tiny has taken of his creations:




Cheers, and hope to hear from you if we sound like the group for you!

Happy Viking time to you all!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n4d8a7/wanna_play_through_the_full_game_one_boss_a_week/

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