Wanted to tell it to someone

Valheim Guide: How to Acquire Strongest Weapon in the Game

-Bought the game recently after looking at so many video of it
-Made a first solo-world and got stuck at the Elder after multiple failed try took a look on the strategy for him and learned how to cheese him, being bad i did it, found a direction for Bonemass and on my way found a plain, hop in but died instantly, nothing unexpected so far, made my way died again and again and again to the point i ended using cheats to get back and finish most bosses, lost interest due to cheats, took a break and played New World quite heavily
-Made a new map to start fresh but ended hoping from first to second world all the time
-Made a new toon and a new map
-Haven't killed first boss yet but got helped by some troll to gather tin and copper, also tamed my first wolf and in a very good spot for a central hub!
Really love the game so far even if death is sometime infuriating!

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/q7v8hm/wanted_to_tell_it_to_someone/

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