Was fun till i wanted to make any actual progress.

Ive had this game for like 3-4 days i know that short,and i watched a bunch of tutorials on how to play and what to do, but it just doesnt seem to matter, every video is “tips for beginners” but they are pretty much all get rich quick schemes, which would be fine if they worked. Every single one goes like this, team up with cops for easy bounty money buy hauler go exploring then buy asp explorer and go mining to get money for decent ships like python and anaconda. I skipped hauler and just farmed bounties till explorer and that was FUN and made decent ish money. Then i got into the explorer kitted it for mining and tried to go Out mining and this is one of the most irritating and frustrating things i think ive ever sat thru and tried to do. Every video is like “look for ones that scan brighter yellow and have fissures on the outside, go to hotspots for the materials ur looking for, once you find one youll be able to find them EASILY” yet im floating around in a hotspot for 4 hours looking at a bunch of rocks that are literally the exact same, found one SLIGHTLY different one that had fissurs so mayby that was my first “core” managed to blow it up perfectly and it dropped a bunch of rescources that were worthless and not what the hotspot was for, so i was like awsome this has all just been wasted time. I follow directions and nothing to show for it for hours, idk man just alot of pain in the ass suffering for litterally nothing to show for it while all these “guides” say it should be so easy to do. That and ill get messedged by 15 people on groups posts or reddit dms offering to help but then they want me to make all these accounts on other websites which i did for the one trader website inara, but then like 9 of them just stop responding and completly ghost me, or theyre like “if you ever need any help feel free to ask” then i ask and they explain it to me like im elon musk. Im really really trying to get into this game but with the helping hands that keep being offered being covered in tacks or theyre ghost hands of help and the fact that everything thats supposed to be “easy” is literally impossible for me to even see. Blowing up the astroid was easy its ever seeing a second one. Idk what to do. I want to stick it out but with no decent help and every guide leading me to dead ends that simply dont work i just dont know, i dont want to be glued to cops side forever but that seems to be the only decent thing that works so far, gunna be hell doing that for something like an anaconda tho

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