Was Odyssey’s combat even playtested by FPS players?

The combat is unpolished and feels like it was barely tested. Shocking, I know.
The guns are satisfying, I love the jetpack, the potential is there, but there are obvious flaws holding it back.

For example the item wheel. It's horrendous. Want to select a grenade? You better memorize where they are because their icons are nearly identical. And it's really awkward when you select for example the thing in the top left and want to switch to the thing on the right. you move your mouse over but you're practically guessing. It's really difficult to select nothing after opening the item wheel and deciding you didn't need that object afterall. Make it more like the ping wheel in League of Legends. An actual cursor, and a line between the center and said cursor, so you can easily tell where you are and make your selection more quickly.

Then there is the sprinting, it's inconsistent af, I still have stamina, I didn't sprint at all, so why can't you let me sprint?? You sometimes have to let go of W entirely to get the sprinting to work.

A small seeming thing that disrupts the flow of the gunfights is that the cooldown of weapons like the sniper doesn't reset when you switch guns, which sucks especially in Elite where you're constantly swapping for different damage types. It's so unsatisfying to shoot the sniper, swap to the pistol, and then swap back only to have to wait for a bit.

The balance is fucked. Straight upgrades. Seriously? Valve had this figures out decades ago, sidegrades to compliment different playstyles are the way to go.

The AI is braindead, they'll rarely use cover and walk at you in a straight line.

Just like most parts of Odyssey, it's underwhelming. Shouldn't be too much of a surprise, but I really hope they address the issues I listed above, because I really want this to succeed, I love this style of movement in shooters.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nkbf80/was_odysseys_combat_even_playtested_by_fps_players/

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