ways that might encourage more support players

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we all know supporting isn't the most "grand" thing in dota but it is a star role in its own right, so why not make it feel more important by rewarding good supporting?

some example:

  • when a hero is killed their portrait should be shown next to the hero who killed them as "assistant" so if sven kills a hero but CM roots there will be a smaller CM portrait/icon next to the big sven portrait. this will make some players feel more impactful for assisting.
  • when getting a kill/assist with dust the user of said dust needs to gain a "bonus bounty" for doing so so they gain more profit from it, this in turn will encourage more carries AND supports to pack dust when needed because greedy goblins love gold.
  • supports need to earn a small gold reward for their ward successfully expiring without being destroyed (enemy must have been near it at least once to avoid base placement abuse) this will encourage smarter ward placement.
  • stacking bonus gold needs to be slightly higher and give the stacker bonus exp, this will encourage more stacking in general and also allow the supports to catchup in exp better.
  • for the first 12minutes the T1 towers need to also give a +3 to 5 mana regen, this will allow support players to use their spells more and feel more impactful in lane, likewise this is also going to make some heroes who struggle to lane stand more chance when they are cornered.
  • if you die but another ally player was saved due to your intervention, basically when you die if the ally you used a protective spell/item on or assist survive the encounter the support should be granted a free bonus TP and 10% of the players death bounty worth

these arent the greatest changes but they'd make supporting for most people feel that little bit less stressful

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/msy7ry/ways_that_might_encourage_more_support_players/

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