We don’t know what we’re asking for

TL;DR don’t ask for features, ask for gameplay.

Braben said (in the usual cryptic and not committing way) that they are probably going to deliver new features following our feedbacks.

It won’t happen.

BUT, if it does happen, which are our feedbacks?

Mainly I see people asking for: ship interiors, new ships and new srvs (and VR, but that’s another story).

I’ve been here since alpha and it looks to me like the old “give us orrery map” story all over again.
If you don’t know it, a few years ago a part of the community (backed by content creators like Obsidian Ant) was asking for this “feature” to be added. They had good ideas for that map: gameplay loops, qol changes… but when frontiers finally delivered, it was a barebone and embarassing mess that I’m sure 99% of the community never used.

What’s the point? It’s always the same story since wings, cqc, powerplay, bgs, empire vs federation war, humans vs thargoids war, planetary landing, fleet carriers, engineers, squadrons, multi crew, etc etc.

No effort, no ideas, no game loops. Grind, as a best case scenario.

Please, stop asking things that they won’t be able to deliver: ship interiors will only be a door opening, a short corridor and than “press F to sit”. That’s it. No gameplay, no purpose, no fun. Another Orrery Map.

Ask for gameplay: they have a lot of stuff on the table; they simply need to connect the dots. Unleash the war between factions, asking cmdrs to really take a side (or not) and face consequences. Make open play more appealing by increasing rewards or impact on bgs/powerplay. Let squadrons decide the future of minor factions, own assets… or nothing of what I’ve said; do something else.

But ask them to put a game in the tech demo, or what you will offer frontiers is just another “promised land” to sell before closing this mess of a game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/oj2qf9/we_dont_know_what_were_asking_for/

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