We seriously need a nerf patch before TI. 8k+ bracket is boring af.

Mod Skin Dota 2

Batrider is either banned or picked in almost 100% of high mmr games, with grenade (napalm shouldnt work on neutral items) and shard he can deal 3k dmg from 1500 range distance if u have no dispels on your team.
Omni looks very good in current meta, paired up with Sven it turns insane. I bet my ass this combo has more than 80% winrate.
Clinkz Q is pretty much absurd with Gleipnir, but I dont think it should be nerfed a lot, I still think that bounty from ancients should be lowered, not heroes that can farm them.
Abaddon attack speed on lvl1 is insane aswell, with his passive he turns into terminator

NS lvl 15 50 dmg should be lowered

Helm Of the Overlord should give less MS to the ancient creep.

Also heroes like MK, Luna, Slark, TB, Morphling AND Phantom Lancer (Hero is still super broken against most of the picks, with sven nerfs he will become even more powerful). By nerfing this heroes you will make other cores playable, WK became pretty weak with 50% ulty cooldown nerf, Troll, Jugger, Ursa, Weaver, Riki, Bs, they are very very weak compared to current meta farmers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pimf88/we_seriously_need_a_nerf_patch_before_ti_8k/

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